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I'm here to help content creators and freedom chasers build the online business of their dreams

My name is Suzana Rose and I'm a six figure blogger who's passionate about building online businesses. All the knowledge I share with you here on SEO, social media, list building, content marketing, and more, is based on my first-hand personal experience.

If you’re looking for expert advice from a real blogger who’s built their online business from the ground up, you’re come to the right place! I’m sharing all my secrets and inspiration here to empower you on your journey, no matter where you are in the process.


Hi, I'm Suzana

I’ve never wanted a typical 9-to-5 job. For years, I struggled with that thought because I didn’t think there were realistic alternatives. I felt lost. 2014 was a magical year because I started my first blog. I learned everything there is to know about monetizing a website and my world flipped upside down: it was working! I could put all my creative energy into my blog and make money in the process.

Not only was I doing something I’m passionate about and making six figures from it, but I also became my own boss and I had the freedom to do what I love best: traveling. I became a digital nomad for a year and left everything behind to live in Florence, Rome, Berlin, Scotland, the Canary Islands and Morocco.

I’m so grateful for having found my dream job, and I’m excited to share all my secrets with you so you can build your own empire!